Spartan Armor Systems Level III "Elaphros" UHMWPE Body Armor - Set of Two

Spartan Armor Systems Level III "Elaphros" UHMWPE Body Armor - Set of Two

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Spartan Armor Systems introduces their advanced “Elaphros” (Ultra Light Weight) Level III, Multi-curve, UHMWPE Body Armor. “Elaphros” in greek translates to light, quick, agile and easy to bear.  This Body Armor is designed the operator that needs minimal weight and maximum maneuverability. This Body Armor is for those that require rifle rated protection over extended distances without being weighed down. Elaphros body armor is NIJ certified to meet or exceed level III requirements under NIJ 0101.06.

Spartan Armor Systems “Elaphros”” Body Armor Plates are lab tested and verified to meet or exceed ballistic resistance under NIJ-0101.06 Level III specifications. The “Elaphros”  plates offer the comfort and affordability you’ve come to expect from Spartan Armor Systems. Constructed with multiple plies of advanced UHMWPE hybrid fibers, the “Elaphros” comes in at a weight of 3.5lbs/per plate and a 1.2” low profile design that allows those wearing them maximum mobility and comfort with Level III Protection.

The “Elaphros” Shooters Cut 10X12, multi-curved, UHMWPE body armor was designed in house by their team of engineers that in total have over 20 years of industry experience.  These UHMWPE plates were developed using the highest quality materials and standards providing maximum confidence and coverage for those that wear them.

The “Elaphros” (Ultra Lightweight) Level III Body Armor Plates are coated/encapsulated with Spartan Armor Systems proprietary “Encapsaloc” Polyurea Coating.  Protecting the plate from water, contaminants, and daily wear and tear. 

Along with a raised, embedded, and 3D Spartan Armor Systems Logo the “Elaphros” (Ultra Light Weight) Level III, Multi-curve, UHMWPE Plates sets the standard for those looking for a high performance, Level III Body Armor at an affordable price. 

These plates come with a 5 year warranty and a 5 year shelf life!